Let me introduce myself…..

I have been in church for most of my life.  I have attempted to be the “gold star” Christian and yet miserably failed.  I have been discouraged when my willpower failed me.  I didn’t understand how God could love me after that really BIG sin.  I am glad the Holy Spirit prompted me to dig deeper.

Unfortunately, when Jesus is presented, the message tends to be muddled and complicated.  Yet, His message is very simple.  Jesus loves you and wants to be in relationship with you.   A healthy relationship is one where there is freedom to be yourself with no guilt, shame, fear and pride.  Due to our human nature if any of these are present in a relationship, we will tend to hide from the one we are in relationship with.

I am here to announce that the finished work of Jesus Christ has abolished all of those.  To walk victoriously we must believe who He says we are in Him.  My purpose, is to introduce you to that Jesus.  If you already know Him that way then I will be an encouragement.  If you don’t, I hope my perspective will lead you to a real and authentic relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.